Women’s Day Special: 30 songs for everyday situations women face

Enough of sad, angry and depressing posts. This post is a bit long, but I bet you would thoroughly enjoy it.

We go through so many things in course of our day- a nearing deadline, maid on leave, criticism from family, unable to take time to meet your friends, no time for hobbies. Life is so hectic that we often get overwhelmed. This is my coping mechanism- Songs. I call myself a song doctor- I heal my bad moods with songs.

I have several playlists based on my moods but the one I am sharing with you all is my favorite. It’s the playlist for the feminists. It’s full of songs about self-love, self-care, confidence, etc. Hope you’ll would like it.

Please don’t forget to comment if you have some other songs on mind. Building a playlist requires a lot of song suggestions.

1. Mood: Every time you feel you failed, and people are telling you, you can’t do something

Song: Try Everything by Shakira
Song: Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Song: Let it Go by Idina Menzel

Failing once or twice or thrice doesn’t matter till you don’t give up. Don’t listen to people what they say. Don’t run their race.Remember all the stories of hare and the turtle, crow and the water and the king and the spider? It’s time to stop listening to people around you and get your childhood back- the time when you believed you can walk and despite of falling several times, you did!

2. When you are being criticized by everyone, you feel down and lonely and you need a friend for sympathy

Song: Bad Day by Daniel Powter
Song: Firework by Katy Perry

You are just having a bad day like everyone does. You are ok irrespective of whatever they say. You are just having a bad day. Sleep over it or go out, meet some friends. If possible, take a small vacay. Whatever you do but promise you don’t accept you are not capable.

3. When you are hit by happy and silly memories. You are smiling at the mirror but also wondering what happened to those carefree days.

Song: Bubbly by Colbie Caillat

Growing up is a process- painful but educating. Meaning of life and happiness and friendship might have changed but this is a part of your life too. And remember, whatever you are going through now, tomorrow these would become a part of your silly and goofy memories too. So sit back and enjoy.

4. You don’t like to be the bad person but sometimes you just can’t take all the s@#t! You plan the perfect revenge (in a civil way of course or in your dreams at least) and want to tell your enemy that you are not the old paavam soul

Song: Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

Being good is very good but sometimes taking in too much poison can be bad for your health. A little meanness, a rude confrontation or a straight forward no can do some good to your mental health.

5. When you fall in love with yourself all over again- just too much to let go of yourself

Bruno Mars is your man- Confess your love to yourself

I don’t care about the lyrics, everytime I hear these songs, I swear I blush.

Song: Marry You by Bruno Mars

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

6. You are so frustrated with all the criticism about how you look, how you walk and how you talk, that you think its funny. So, tell them who the boss is.

Song: Me Too by Meghan Trainor

I just love Meghan Trainor for this super funny song. It is like ‘swag’ written everywhere.

So, chin up, tits up and get ready to walk like a queen. No body owns you. You are like an intricate handloom, unique and a masterpiece.

7. You want to tell your haters that they are just wasting their time. You won’t give up. You would rise up the ashes every time, like a phoenix.

Song: Titanium by Sia

Song: Roar by Katy Perry

Song: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Can you feel the energy? The confidence flowing through your blood? That is the real you. Don’t let these garbs cover your light. You are not made for the darkness. You shine girl!


8. You are exhausted but yet to reach the goal. You need a war cry to become your fierce self.

Song: Walk on Water by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Song: Towards The Sun by Rihanna

Song: The Greatest by Sia

For the rare occasions I hit the gym, these are my anthems.

9. You are body shamed, that you are too fat or too thin, that you cant learn dance, that you can’t be an actress, that you can’t run in a marathon, ask them this question

Song: Who Says by Selena Gomez

Song: Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Song: Change Your Life by Little Mix

Who apart from you can tell you what you are supposed to do? Ignore them. They don’t know your struggles. They are not there to support so they are no one to criticize.

10. Days when you feel proud of yourself. You do a small cat walk and pat your own back. Don’t forget to play this song in the background.

Song: Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
Song: Fire Under My Feet by Leona Lewis

You have come so far baby. Looking back, could you have imagined that one day you would achieve so much. Never bow down. Keep flying higher and higher.

11. You feel amused how the world around you tries to fool you and stop you by presenting lame logic in the name of culture, biology, religion etc.

Song: Just Like Fire by P!nk

Song: Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya

How many times, just how many times would you have to hear the same thing again and again till they understand. These words just have no value for you unless supported by logic. You were born equal and hence, you need your 50% share, an equal say.

12. You are too good to hurt anyone, even though you know your own people are doing wrong to you. You are scared that your confrontation can lead to cracks in relationship

Song: Brave by Sara Bareilles

Ever heard this? Those who care don’t mind. Those who mind don’t care. It’s time to let go of toxic relationships.

13. You are a strong-headed woman. You speak your mind, but it often doesn’t go well with others’ popular idea of a woman. They call you arrogant, haughty and a bad influence. But what’s wrong with being confident?

Song: Confident by Demi Lovato

Who says only men mean rough and tough?

14. People say women can’t be friends. They judge, criticize and hate one another. But that’s not true. Girl power is the best power. Send some good vibes to other women.

Song: Run The World by Beyonce
Song: Burn by Ellie Goulding

From morning breakfast to late night pillow talks, who is the most in-demand creature in the world? The girls!

15. You are bullied at school and college by others. You try too hard to fit in but you seem to be different, weird actually. You look in the mirror thinking about what’s wrong with you.

Song: Try by Colbie Caillat
Song: F&%*ing Perfect by P!nk

I spent years trying to make everyone happy around me and ended up being depressed. Sometimes, the only person who you should try to make happy is you because happiness is contagious.

16. A girl from a small town, making it big in a city. Sometimes you just want to give yourself a small break. Go on a road trip, climb a mountain, soak your leg in pond water.

Song: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

Bonus Song

Because you are amazing girl!


Is recovery a real thing?

Six months back, I was trying to write a novel, about depression. The irony was that I wanted to end it on a happy note. I was even invited to share my fantastic idea with a hall full of strangers. As I entered, I saw the spotlight on the stage and imagined hundreds of faces looking at me. The next moment, I was in washroom, crying incessantly and rocking my body sitting on the floor. Thank God, there was no one else there. After another 15 minutes, I was on stage- calmer than usual. I delivered my presentation, took some questions and almost fell on my chair. It was exhausting, as tiring as a 1-hour gym session. That day, I almost gave up on my idea of writing a happy story.


If one day I find myself in a confession box, this would be my admission. I still cannot accept that this happened to me. I would have written another 1000 words about my suffering as a patient of anxiety and depression, but words fail me. I cannot explain what my loved ones and I went through in those 10-12 months. But this post is not about being in depression. It is about the life after recovery. It is about that silver lining I was promised in every session with my psychiatrist.

One fine day, I declared it was over. It did get over, for people around me but never for me. It was like chicken pox that left me with some scars. I remember how my mother followed a routine of applying coconut water and neem leaves on them. With time they did go away. But depression was no chicken pox. The scar on my mind never leaves me alone.

Source: freepik.com

For months, I applauded myself, gave myself medals for being a proud survivor coz no one else did. People around me were just relieved that my laziness was over, that someone knocked some sense in me, that the shameful condition is a thing of the past. They carried on with their plans with me- pushing me for a job, asking about having kids, inviting me for parties. But no one ever asked me, “how do you feel?”. Everyone behaved like an ostrich, buried their head under the ground and hoped that it was a bad dream.

For me, it was like getting out of a dingy cell of a jail and being trapped in the jail compound. For first few months, I was proud and thankful. I shared many happy and hopeful accounts of my recovery hoping that it would give some positivity to others. But as soon as I resumed my normal life, I realised it wasn’t the same.

  • I wasn’t able to feel the same enthusiasm and love towards life.
  • Being in party or social gathering made me nervous and anxious.
  • Stress at work often triggered panic.
  • I felt a distance from other people. Those who were already there in my life were part of my system. But making new friends seemed to be impossible.
  • With every episode of anxiety, panic and disenchantment, for a brief period I felt nothing changed. I would just helplessly wait for this to get over, crossing my fingers that its just a temporary phase and my depression has not relapsed.
Source: freepik.com

If you think this paragraph would contain details about how I turned around my life, you would be disappointed. Nothing changed really. Even after a year I feel the same. I still live under the same fear. Depression is not like a fever which goes away with all its symptoms. It is like diabetes. It has to be managed. But the social stigma and ignorance around depression makes it all the way so difficult.

People say common sense is not so common. But I think the rarest of all is empathy. I wonder there are so many guides to responsibly spend, drink, drive etc but hardly anyone emphasizes on talking responsibly. The most common question I have encountered on Quora is “how do I behave around a person with depression?”. My answer would be- just be kind. I know you want your friend or spouse to attend that party, to be a part of your family gathering. But there might be a reason that the person doesn’t want to go. Stop pushing them. They already feel guilty. Don’t overburden them with another load.

Source: freepik.com

Since all posts should end on a positive note, I would confess one more thing. If there is only one thing that depression taught me, it’s the importance of self-love. It gave me formula to decide my limits, to know where to say no.  I do feel guilty for disappointing people, but I also hope that one day they would understand, the place where I am. And till that time, I would fake it in the real world and rant about it in the blogging world. Hope my readers are kind to me. 🙂

PS: Found this very powerful short movie by Aasra. This is exactly how I felt two years back.

Who is a strong woman?

I would be honest. So many times, I wish I were not a woman. But more about that later. I always though if I am destined to be a woman, I would rather be a strong one. What do you mean by a strong woman? I always had this obsession to know. I would carry a mental diary everywhere and make a secret list of qualities of a strong woman. So, by my mid-twenties, I had the following list:

A strong woman:

  • Never cries in the public
  • Works, in other words, has a 9-5 job, is financially independent
  • Always smiles, never cribs about her problems
  • Excels at everything, from academics to house chores
  • Never takes herself too seriously, physically, mentally or emotionally
  • Is like a perfect bahu from a daily soap, liked by everyone around
  • Never says no to any task and complete them with swag
  • Is humble, takes everyone’s bullshit

After all, all these adjectives like hatt ke (different), sarva-guna sampan (bestowed with all good qualities), susheel (simple), sanskaari (cultured) are made for strong women like me.


I wish my fascination was limited to that. I often scored other girls on the checklist and found one or the other way to rate myself higher. No other words could make me blush more than the words “you are so different from other girls” or “you are so genuine, not like other girls”. Though I was never told who were the girls I was competing with, I assumed I was a part of a bigger race. Sometimes I felt I connected better with boys because girls are always jealous of one another you know.


Thankfully, this bubble busted one day. I was diagnosed with severe depression. I pushed myself so much hard in the so-called race that suddenly I found myself retired hurt. Remember the list I mentioned earlier, I was doing everything just the opposite. I was crying in office, in bus, on road. I could not concentrate on anything, not even drafting a simple mail. I was out of job. I was pre-occupied with myself, sitting quietly in one corner of the house and staring the wall or complaining about life at top of my voice. Everyone around me hated me, accused me of being lazy and dramatic, called me crazy and insane. And of all the accusations I received, the one that hit me hard was being called “weak”.

Yes, I was out of that mad race and I was out for good. The women who I always looked up to as inspirations, wrote me off as another weak woman who is a “housewife”, doesn’t earn and doesn’t have a control over life.


I never thought I would ask for help, but I am glad, I did. And I got the support. Who supported me? I was helped and supported by a woman who was classified as a weak woman, my mother. A very caring and loving lady who was never appreciated for everything she did for the family because she didn’t have a job outside the house. She was called lazy because she chose to invest her time in her children. And who were these people who called her weak? People like me, who compete with one another and maintain a checklist.

Honestly, my illness cured me of my sick mentality. I found my pillars of support in other women. I was able to draw parallels from their own suffering. Finally, I found people who I could relate to. And I realised one thing, women truly belong together. They feed on each other’s pain. Female bonding is the most beautiful relationship I have ever seen. And probably that’s why it’s forbidden. Afterall, divide and rule really works. Doesn’t it?

So, what did I learn from my duel with depression? That there is no one called a weak woman. Everyone is strong in their own way. It’s just the situations who bring out the strength. Rest everything is just a choice. And we had enough of shaming women for making choices. I have never seen men being classified into weak men, strong men, confused men, vain men, self-obsessed men. Then why do we choose to be compartmentalized?


I tore off the old diary a long ago. Now I have a new diary which makes notes of strong women. And who is a strong woman? Everyone. Here’s my observations:

  • A woman who gets over whelmed and cries in public is a strong woman because she is able to be true to herself. She is able to express herself irrespective of other people judging her
  •  A home maker is a strong woman. She chose to invest her time in building a home. She got over the insecurities and fear of not being financially independent.
  • A woman who leaves her job coz of an abusive boss is a strong woman. She had the courage to move out of an abusive relation.
  • A woman who stays in an abusive marriage is also strong. She sacrificed her own happiness for the welfare of her family.
  • A survivor of mental illness is also a strong woman. She fought her demons and emerged successful.
  • A working mother is a strong woman. It kills her everyday to leave her children at home. But she is working for a better future.

See, the same people but different perspectives.

How do you find a strong woman?

Simply, stop judging and start appreciating.

Happy Women’s Day. Cheers!

Why should boys have all the fun?

Let’s play a game. What word comes to your mind when you hear these words-





Interestingly, these are most commonly used to describe women. The only thing ‘flawless’ we can see in a woman is her beauty and anyone who doesn’t conform to the society is ‘flawed’.

Totally unrelated but today I want to talk about these glamorous, full of extravaganza and pomp, so-called Feminist series/movies like Veere Di Wedding and Four More Shots Please.

No, I m not going to review any of these. I am no expert in film-making. In fact, my bar is so low that I watched something as horrendous as Race 3 solely on my free will. (In my defense, I watched it while arranging my wardrobe and I can’t decide what was more difficult.)

But honestly guys, people have rated Race 3 a 2.1 on IMDB and a 3.1 to Veere Di Wedding? Race 3 totally deserved it. And I understand Veere Di Wedding was bad, lacked substance, actors gave poor performance and all of that…. but so, did Chennai Express, Happy New Year etc. etc. but they still managed to get some decent ratings.

And then I read the user reviews… something like this….

Screenshot: IMDB
Screenshot: IMDB

For a society that cries out “Not All Men”, this movie was taken much more seriously than it deserved.

Of course, there are grave issues like female infanticide, female illiteracy, rape and sexual abuse, trafficking, domestic violence that exist in the society, but does that mean film-makers are not allowed to make shows like these? Yes, issues like fat shaming, successful women not getting suitors, lesbians struggling to find true love, working wives finding it difficult to manage the household on their own, look trivial and all these women are called privileged. But, don’t they deserve to tell their story?

If this is true then the same must be true for movies like Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety because there is so much unemployment in the country, engineering students are committing suicide coz of the pressure. It’s so wrong to portray that people have this much time and money to take their girlfriends to lavish vacations and prepare such a long speech after a breakup. And I am honestly not getting into the fact that these movies appear to be misogynist because hey, not everything is educational or inspirational, some stuff is solely for fun and entertainment.

So, the bottom line is that not all men are rapists, misogynist movies are just for fun and cannot be generalized, people like Hardik Pandya were just exercising freedom of speech on Koffee with Karan.

But 1-2 movies/shows like VDW and FMSP teach girls the wrong lessons about feminism.

Slow Clap!

A small example to explain my stand- It’s ok to advice a girl to refrain from drinking because you don’t drink, and you believe it’s bad for health. But it’s not acceptable to call a girl slut because she agreed to have casual sex with you.

Call them privileged, unrealistic or bold, the fact is that feminism is not in their actions that they drink, lust or cuss like men, feminism is in their courage that they are able to do what they want to do. What about the consequences? Very aptly portrayed in the season finale of Four More Shots Please. If the series would have ended in any other way, I would have screamed, “What world do they live in?”

I really don’t mean to say that men are against feminism or they don’t like movies with strong female protagonists. Movies like Parched, Secret Superstar, Hitchki etc. are highly acclaimed. What I simply mean is men don’t relate to women and their issues and their desires and they feel it’s ok. The same is not true for women. I remember a seminar where a man accusingly asked writer Anuja Chauhan, “Why don’t you write for men?” Her reply to this question was, “I never said I write for women only”. And I was wondering, I never asked this question to Mr. Chetan Bhagat whose novels, written from the perspective of a male are enjoyed by both sexes.

And then I remembered reading “Dear Ijeawale” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie where she said men cannot relate to women’s issues unless they are related to them. And I think that’s the main reason why women should be encouraged to tell their story, no matter who they are, what they think, how they live. Because there are not enough Chimamandas in our country. Men cannot relate to women because they haven’t heard their stories. Growing up, I remember listening to my father’s stories of his childhood, his college life, his struggles. But I never heard my mother telling about her hostel life, her struggles as a housewife. Why do women have to wait till they become a grandparent to tell sugar coated stories of princes and magical creatures to 4-5 years old children? Is it because of lack of time, lack of voice or lack of platform? Or is it because of over judgment? Why can’t stories around women just be? Why do they have to convey a social message or be judged as bold or rebellious?

And yes, after wasting 800 words of ranting, I almost forgot to mention something that triggered me to write this post. This screenshot:

Screenshot: Amazon Prime

Seriously Amazon Prime? By calling your own protagonists “unapologetically flawed”, what point do you want to prove? That you accept these women are an aberration to the norm of what women should be? That you made this series but at the same time, you detach yourself from all the moral responsibility by passing judgment like this? Honestly, this is the fake feminism that people should be calling out.  

Because of this ambiguity around feminism, people don’t accept it. Even Kareena Kapoor says she’s not a feminist. My family feels happy that I am not a feminist. Calling oneself a feminist seems as difficult as coming out of the closet. I have seen feminists feeling sad that they don’t go to the office and hence, they don’t look like feminists. I have seen feminists feeling angry that women in India are not rebellious enough to be feminists. So, who is the real feminist? Can you please stand up?

Born Equal but Raised Differently

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As a kid, I remember those musical ads on DD National Channel advocating the importance of educating girls and promoting the fact that girls and boys are equal. It was funny to me why are they stating the obvious. I mean all I could gather at that tender age was that girls are equal to boys, even better. All the rank holders in my class were girls. Be it sports or art or dance, girls excelled everywhere. The only thing boys were good at was fighting.

Pic Credit: http://www.freepik.com

Fast forward by 7-8 years and it all changed. My female friends were being taught cooking and other home management skills. At the age of 13-14, they were already talking about getting a suitable boy for marriage. They had a checklist of skills they need to pick up in order to get the best groom. Instead of taking care of their own grades, the eager ones were already in the lookout for boys who were likely to end up in IITs and IIMs. Their own grades were falling and so was their attendance. By the time my parents were preparing me to leave home for higher studies, few of my friends were already active in the marriage market. Some had their fate written the day they were born, and others were being punished for being too ‘modern’ for their age and culture.

Pic Credit: http://www.freepik.com

However, for boys growing up seemed to be a complete game changer. They were allowed to play and roam around because they needed to learn about the world. They were allowed to live their life to the fullest because one day they had to shoulder responsibilities. Those who I never even saw in the classroom were spending lakhs of money in coaching institute to get good seats in engineering and medical colleges. And for the first time in my life I was jealous or wait, it was the second time. The first time I was jealous was when I had severe period cramps and had to miss school.

This jealousy grew bigger and bigger till it was replaced by anger towards the society and the system. My parents raised me and my sister as future adults who had to fend for themselves and not as girls to be married or boys to become the man of the house. No expense was ever spared in the way of our development. Yet, I always had a complaint that I am a girl.

  • That I cannot take up certain jobs because it would involve me staying out for long hours. Who would guarantee my safety?
  • That I cannot plan my career without being worried about who would marry me and where would he be located, if he would want me to stay at home, etc
  • That I cannot visit my friends and family without my husband’s family’s permission
  • That my hobbies and passion would always be placed at last
  • That I must work harder than others to show that I am worthy of that promotion and it’s not happening because of my beauty or sex appeal.
Pic Credit:www.freepik.com

And honestly, these things are trivial in front of brutalities women face. If I compare myself to my contemporaries, I should be called a privileged one. However, I still feel anguish when I hear people (women included) say

  • You girls have it easy. If it works for you, take a job else, get married and chill at home.
  • She doesn’t work at all. We all know how she got the promotion.
  • There are only 27% of women in India who work coz women don’t want to work.
  • Why do you have leave early from the office party? You are not a team player.
  • The issues faced by women are so exaggerated. I have female friends who don’t face any of these issues.
Pic Credit: http://www.freepik.com

Now, remember what I wrote in the initial paragraphs? How were girls raised as compared to boys? What are the values they learned in childhood? What conditions have they seen their mother in? What type of independence they experienced while growing up? What type of things were discussed with them?

The truth is people are not built by advertisements and policies and incentives. People are built by ideologies and beliefs. If the societal norms and behavior would not showcase the fact that people are born equal, no amount of education or policy can bring a real change. Orthodox beliefs and oppressive customs would continue creeping in through the so-called modern life we are leading. The real change would take place when we, instead of saying “Aisa hi hai samaj” (this is how society is) start embracing the change at an individual and family level. Until that day, I would continue to be jealous and angry.

PS: I have always looked up to video ads to bring across meaningful messages in less than 2-3 minutes. Here is one beautiful ad reflecting my thoughts:

Bullying: The Invisible Devil

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Nothing makes my day better than seeing a person calling out some act of injustice, something I can never be brave enough to do. Here is this article talking about a woman who was brutally humiliated in a job interview and then offered the same. She turned down the offer with a post on Twitter. Following is the link:


All through my life, starting from the age of 4-5, I have been subjected to bullying. Whether it is due to my lack of self-confidence or my lack of self-confidence is a result of constant bullying, it’s difficult to tell. But I can tell one thing, it’s not about gender, it’s about a power that the bullies feel they have over the bullied. It all started when as a child of a migrant family, I was often bullied by the rich Hindi-speaking neighborhood kids. I was bullied at school. I was bullied at college and office too. The funny part is my bullies might not have even realized it.

There is something very wrong with us. We hardly teach ourselves to choose our words and behavior wisely. We tell our growing children, it’s a cruel world. Honestly, in the last three decades, I have lived, the only ruthlessness I have faced is unnecessary humiliation. I might be privileged or lucky when I say this is the only kind of violence, I have faced but isn’t this true that verbal abuse often gets unnoticed and unacknowledged, sometimes as a person’s nature or the perks of power? Isn’t it a sad reality that people think they are doing a favor to you by being nice? And whenever you call out this bad behavior of your parent, teacher, spouse, friend or boss, you are declared “mentally weak”.

To set the context, I would narrate an incident from my college days. I was offered my first job. I was quite excited and nervous at the same time. The joining formalities required me to obtain a document from my college office. It was almost a week that I was following up with the office but was not able to get my work done. Out of desperation and fear of losing the job offer, I made an appeal to the higher authority. This certainly worked as I received my document within the next five minutes. Next thing I know I was standing before my Coordinator who was apparently very mad at me for complaining. In front of the entire college, she yelled at me, “You are a disgrace to this college. We are ashamed you are our student.”

It’s been ten years since this incident happened. Those harsh words didn’t make any sense and were totally unrelated to what happened. I have met this coordinator 2-3 times after that and we always had a cordial relationship. However, these words have been there, on my mind, verbatim. Every time I have self-doubt, they come back to haunt me. The person who abuses often forget but these words like a curse get attached to the victims. They take away some power, some self-love from the victims.

I am not saying this as a victim only. My father once made me realize that though I am a very meek person, I often got into fights with auto drivers, tailors, gas suppliers, and other service providers. That day I realized that although I lacked the confidence to face people in general, since I was paying for these services, the money gave me power over these poor people. I just channelized all my suppressed anger on them. And that’s when I was able to understand it that somewhere, we all are the abusers and the victims.

It’s only a matter of realization. The world is full of competition and complications. It’s not a fair game. We gather a lot of negative emotions. The number of mental health issues is going up day by day. Keeping it together is the most insane thing we are required to do but kind words are the need of the day. You may fail to make your point. You might not be able to instill fear of the system on someone’s mind. You might not achieve your sales target. You might not hire a confident employee. You might be perceived as someone weak. But today, if you stop yourself from exercising that false power over someone, you might avoid demolishing someone’s morale.  

Head & Heart


She was naive and innocent
He was kind and prudent
She was like a glass heart
He was a rock-solid mind

She lived thinking something was missing
He lived believeing nothing in world mattered
But everything changed when they met one day

It was raining that day but love was pouring
They were never supposed to meet
Still, they met.
Was it destiny?
Was it a calling?
It could have been love at first sight
But it was not

For they felt they already knew each other
That day, They didn’t even greet
Just acknowledged each other’s existence
Her dreams suddenly got a name
His eyes started wandering towards her face
She couldn’t decipher this code
And he mistook it as a friendly urge

“Friends?”, he asked one evening
“Yes”, she readily took the bait
The magnet between them grew stronger
Little did they know, it was a black hole

Her heart kept falling deeper & deeper
While his head started rising to the clouds
“This is perfect”, she realised
“This is not what I seek”, he said

She lost her heart to his practical mind
He couldn’t take his mind off her weak heart
Love & friendship were the cost they paid
When Heart and Head collided

Year after year, she yearned for his love
With every passing year, his decision got stronger
Her belief in love got pricked by her broken heart
Seeing her condition, his conviction was proved right

And thus, they started again
from where they met
This time,
Her Heart became stone
His Head became glass